About the 6th ENCLE Conference

The European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE) is holding its annual conference in cooperation with the Department of Law of the University of Turin and the International University College of Turin and under patronage of the University of Turin, on the 20th and 21st September 2018, at the University of Turin, Italy.

Over recent years, Clinical Legal Education in Europe has contributed to develop the quality of law teaching, improve the skills and qualification of young legal professionals, enhance access to justice for many communities (for example, refugees, prisoners, persons with disabilities etc). We have been able to start a real European movement of law clinics inspiring new and innovative social justice and law teaching projects.

The ENCLE conference is therefore an important annual meeting point, aimed at bringing clinicians together from across Europe to discuss and reflect upon all aspects of teaching and learning. We want to learn from each other and share best practice on how to improve legal education in Europe and enhance access to justice for those most vulnerable in our societies. In addition, it helps clinicians from Europe and around the world to step back and reflect together about their clinical practice from a more conceptual point of view. In particular, the conference aims to investigate the spread, the evolution and the quality of Clinical Legal Education in Europe, understanding common features, best practices and future challenges.

The conference will include a range of sessions including workshops, paper presentations, plenaries and panel discussions. The sessions will be designed to encourage participation, stimulate discussion, share best practices and enhance the clinical movement across Europe.