1) Registration:
If you are interested in participating at the 6th ENCLE Conference in Turin, please register in the following way:

  1. Submission of the online registration form
  2. Payment of registration fee (150 Euro)

2) Payments:
You can pay the registration fee either via Paypal or via Bank Transfer to the ENCLE bank account.

  • N.B.: Please note, that the registration fee does NOT cover the costs of the conference dinner on Thursday 20th September 2018 (Extra cost: 30€). If you wish to participate to the conference dinner, please include the cost of the dinner (= 30 €) in your payment/transfer (thus: 150 € + 30 € = 180 €).
  • N.B.: Please note in addition, that the registration covers all other costs related to the conference, but will NOT include costs for accommodation or travel.


  • The registration can only be confirmed once the registration fee has arrived at the ENCLE bank account or a fee waiver has been granted!
  • Registration Deadline: The deadline for the registration is the 5th September 2018.

ENCLE bank account details: 

  • Name: Fio banka, a.s. Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1;
  • IBAN: CZ5620100000002700485968;
  • Bank account owner:  ENCLE (Evropská síť klinického právního vzdělávání, o.s. 17. listopadu 948/6, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic)
  • Please indicate:  “6th ENCLE Conference” and your “full name” in message for recipient.

6th ENCLE Conference Registration Payment

3) Fee waiver, travel and/or accommodation grant
ENCLE offers a limited amount of fee waivers, travel and/or accommodation grants to those, who cannot afford participating at the Conference otherwise (see ENCLE Grants criteria). If you wish to request a fee waiver and/or a request a grant, you may fill-in the Grant application form. The ENCLE Fee Waiver and Grant Committee will verify your request and will propose a decision to the ENCLE Board.


  • Please keep in mind that ENCLE make a lot of efforts in order to provide those, who are not able to attend our conferences otherwise, with financial support. We therefore would ask you to apply to the fee waiver and travel/accommodation grant ONLY in such a situation.
  • ENCLE’s travel grants might cover only a portion of the grantees travel and accommodation expenses; all travel grants will be paid by reimbursement only, upon the production of receipts.
  • Accommodation grants might be paid by reimbursement or directly by ENCLE.

4) Deadlines
The deadline for the registration is the 5th September 2018. However, if you apply for fee waiver or travel grant, the deadline is 31st July 2018.